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Validea.com founder John Reese, like many investors, has always been actively involved in managing his own money. Over the years, John became increasingly frustrated with underperforming fund managers and with the difficulty of obtaining quality financial information to help him in his investment decision making process. As a result, John began to read the books of many of the worlds most widely known and successful investors to become more familiar with the criteria these investors use to select quality stocks. John was very impressed by the stock picking strategies he was reading about, but became frustrated with the difficulty in finding and manipulating the data required to put these methodologies into practical use. One day, it dawned on John that through the Internet, he could not only make analyzing stocks and getting stock ideas using these world renowned strategies easier for himself, he could also share this knowledge with other investors similar to him. John hired several employees who shared his enthusiasm for the idea, and Validea was formed. .

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